OCTOBER BLOG – Q3 Review 2022

October 20, 2022

Throughout Q3, our production team have worked hard to fulfil RECORD sales orders, achieving an incredible 25% growth compared to quarter three last year. We look back at some of the milestones reached…


Record Sales

Recruiting additional employees in production has been a significant factor; our primary focus is welding and quality. Investing in new machinery has been critical in helping us increase our capacity and open our capabilities to new market sectors. The £900k investment in the machinery in 2021/22 has also helped us stay competitive when resource costs are rising.

  • 10kW Bystronic Bysprint 3015 3000 x 1500 bed laser.
  • Bystronic Xpert 200t, 3m bed press brake
  • Trumpf TruPunch 3000 S11 CNC punch press

We have also worked hard to streamline processes, and expanding our quality department has enabled us to solve problems more efficiently.


Streamlining Despatch

The despatch area has had a revamp, with new racking installed throughout. The new installation has enabled the team to pick schedules more efficiently, positively affecting resource utilisation. The team have worked hard to put all this in place, which has helped maintain delivery schedules with the increase in production.



Congratulations to Harry Hough, who recently passed his level 2 certificate in Mechanical Engineering and now working towards level 3. We currently have five apprentices in our production team who show excellent initiative and commitment to achieving their skills and qualifications.


High Energy costs

The increase in energy costs is a concern for all businesses, and our team have been working tirelessly to find ways to streamline and reduce costs.

  • We’re currently undergoing a new lighting program, upgrading to LED lights throughout all company buildings.
  • Moving to electric for our vehicle fleet, starting with our sales team. The recently installed EV Zappi chargers are also available for visitors.
  • We’re introducing ways to be more efficient for our deliveries by optimising the schedules and route planning.

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