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Discover the Engine Behind Grenville’s Team Excellence

Meet some of our team members bringing unique skills, experiences, and perspectives, contributing to the dynamic and collaborative environment that defines Grenville Engineering. With a wealth of sheet metal fabrication expertise, our team is a testament to innovation, craftsmanship, and a collective passion for delivering exceptional results.

We’re proud to have many longstanding team members and a dedicated workforce committed to achieving excellence.

Mark Barratt

Managing Director

Mark is the captain of our ship, a leader with the vision to grow the company from strength to strength. With a career spanning over four decades, Initiated in 1984, Mark has played a pivotal role in the strategic direction of the business inheriting his expertise in the fabrication industry from his father. His commitment to excellence and his vast experience in the sheet metal fabrication industry make him the cornerstone of our success.

Mark Barratt’s leadership and dedication to excellence are the driving forces behind our commitment to delivering top-notch sheet metal fabrication services.

Beyond his role in the boardroom Mark is an avid Stoke City supporter and season ticket holder, he stays true to his roots supporting the local team.

Grant Barratt


Grant started his engineering career working weekends in a local factory welding and learning all aspects of fabrication and at 18 years gained a full-time position. At 20, he joined Grenville when an opportunity arose in purchasing. He enjoys the buzz of negotiating and finds it rewarding when he makes cost savings.

Grant is an integral part of the foundations of team Grenville and the company’s strategic direction. He has become involved in all aspects of the day-to-day running and decision-making of the business, as well as health & safety, human resources, and account management, and now part of the new team of directors for the past six years.

In his free time, Grant enjoys spending time with his family, keeping fit, walking his dogs, fishing, and collecting coins.

Dr Dali Dong

Operations Director

Holding a PhD in Mechanical Engineering, Dali initially started his career at Grenville in 2005 through a KTP (Knowledge Transfer Partnership) programme created to implement a new IT infrastructure. A technical genius coupled with analytical skills has enhanced the operational efficiency of the business, with the integration of a new ERP system streamlining processes throughout the company.

Dali has been a company director since 2007. He enjoys seeing the challenges of the manufacturing industry met or surpassed by Grenville’s dedication and expertise. Dali has been a considerable asset by implementing efficient operations through new software and production processes and is very proud of Grenville’s yearly organic growth of around 12%.

In his spare time, Dali enjoys playing badminton and maintaining his allotment with some fruitful results!

Stuart Rawlinson

Sales Director

Stuart started life at Grenville as a young apprentice working on various areas around the shop floor. His dedication and natural talent provided progression opportunities, with his role evolving from CNC programming to Production Manager to business development and managing sales. He has been part of the new team of directors for the past six years.

Many customers benefit from Stuart’s ability to assess work based on his 27 years of experience and knowledge of the shop floor to minimise production time and provide the most cost-effective result.

Stuart enjoys the great outdoors, mountain biking, playing football and regular walks with his family and two Welsh springer spaniels Holly & Willow.

Ryan Coram

Business Improvement Manager

Joining Grenville in 2023, Ryan came to us with a 4-year degree focused on ‘Digital Technology Solutions’ and a wealth of experience from seven years at AstraZeneca.

Ryan will work closely with Grenville and Regina on improvement projects/programmes that align with our business strategy and foster growth for both companies. With his strong focus on technology and the valuable knowledge gained from his previous role, he will play a crucial role in shaping our technology strategy at Grenville.

Outside of work, Ryan has a variety of interests. He enjoys reading, gaming, and watching TV shows and films – considering himself a true film fanatic. When he’s not immersed in digital worlds, he’s passionate about playing basketball and follows the Oklahoma City Thunder. Ryan is also an avid Manchester City supporter, although we suspect Mark will work his magic to convert him into a supporter of the Potters in due course!

Nick Wilshaw

Production Manager

Nick is another long-standing team member starting his career at Grenville-Engineering 30 years ago as a fabricator, progressing to team leader on the shop floor and production manager for the last six years. He is the ‘go-to person for all production enquiries ensuring that the shop floor runs smoothly and providing our customers with high-quality parts on time.

Nick is proud to have seen Grenville grow from 20 employees to a solid, hard-working and loyal team of 72. He enjoys the atmosphere and buzz of production, helping appoint additional workforce, and having a hands-on approach to the research and installation of updated machinery.

Outside of Grenville, Nick enjoys fishing, golf and gardening; we can say he is hands-on!

Amanda Morris

Customer Service Manager

An integral part of the process and point of contact for customers, Amanda is one of the shining beacons of the company providing superb customer service. Amanda has been part of the team for ten years dealing with the customer journey and ensuring they are the top priority. She enjoys the daily buzz and the variation of her role.

In her free time, she enjoys travel, films, socialising with friends and family, keeping fit and cooking, a busy bee in and out of work!

Michael Kelly

Quality Manager

Working as Quality Manager Micheal brought with him 24 years of experience in the automotive industry supplying parts to high-end cars like McLaren, Aston Martin & Bentley. Michael has played a significant role in improving the quality department at Grenville and maintaining compliance with our ISO 9001 accreditation. Not just in production but throughout the company, supporting the teams to make continuous improvements; keeping the customer at the centre of our decisions. He enjoys the variation of the role, overcoming challenges where no two days are the same.

Michael says that Grenville is an excellent company to work for; the workforce is friendly, and the management is accessible, supportive, and driven to ensure that the company strives in the competitive market and continues to grow.

He enjoys reading, country walks, kayaking, and getting together with friends for a game of poker with a single malt whisky or two.

Garry Parkes

Senior Planner

There’s a positive theme when it comes to Grenville employees; they stay with us for a long time.

As Senior Planner within the Planning/Design department, Garry has over 35 years of experience at Grenville Engineering. Over the years, Garry has managed many projects awarded through contracts and tenders as the primary contact for design queries. As technology advanced, the introduction of 2D and 3D software packages allowed Garry to utilise his skills to support clients during the prototyping phases. He enjoys designing products from concept to completion.

An ardent fisherman, Garry continues his quest for the next big catch.

Dan Johnson

Sales Engineer

Dan Johnson is our dedicated Sales Engineer who brings experience and enthusiasm to the table.  Daniel embarked on his journey in Engineering and Manufacturing right after leaving school.  His dedication and passion for the field led him to start his apprenticeship in 2011, accumulating over 13 years of rich experience.  Having worked in various key departments within engineering companies, Dan honed his skills and earned the qualifications necessary for his current role.

Dan has a genuine appreciation for the dynamic nature of his role.  Dan values the opportunity to meet new people daily, ensuring that client satisfaction remains his utmost priority.

Outside the office, Dan is a fitness enthusiast.  Whether it’s hitting the gym, enjoying leisurely walks, or cheering for his favourite team, Stoke City, with a season ticket in hand, Dan is always on the move.  His passion for health and sports reflects his drive for excellence in his personal and professional life.

Dan Johnson - Sales Engineer Meet the team member at Grenville Engineering

Ann Thompson

Accounts Manager

Ann started life at Grenville in 2000, working part-time in accounts, payroll, and secretarial duties. She quickly demonstrated the ability to go above and beyond, progressing to a full-time position as accounts and payroll manager and PA to the directors. As a committed and treasured team member with experience, Ann ensures the business’s financial processes run smoothly and has established good relationships with customers and suppliers, supporting our strong reputation for excellence.

During 22 years at Grenville, Ann has seen the company grow from strength to strength through business and employee investment and has seen so many people progress and develop within the company.
Ann is an expert at organising company events and knows how to throw a good party!

Ann likes to keep her mind sharp with puzzles and crosswords in her spare time and loves to get absorbed in crime and thriller novels whilst cruising around the Med and Canary Islands.

Emma Onslow

Group Management Accountant

Emma’s journey with us began at the start of 2023. With a remarkable 25 years of experience across all aspects of accounts, taxation, and auditing.

Emma’s embraced the opportunity to dive into the world of industry here at Grenville and her all-round knowledge and experience make her a true asset to our growing company. What Emma loves most about her role at Grenville is the diversity it offers. No day is the same, and she’s constantly learning new skills. Not just confined to numbers, she’s also delving into HR and other operational and managerial aspects, making her a versatile superstar!

Outside the office, Emma enjoys quality time with her family, embarking on fun day trips and cozy movie nights with her loved ones. She’s a theatre enthusiast, avid reader, and can’t resist a night out filled with laughter and stand-up comedy!

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