Sheet Metal Design
& Prototyping

The Design to Manufacture process is integral to Grenville’s core values, supported by our in-house expertise, ensuring product quality and precision.

Sheet Metal Design Services

Where innovation meets precision, and ideas transform into reality.

Customers benefit from a skilled team of designers with a wealth of experience and a commitment to excellent comprehensive design solutions, offering a seamless journey from concept to manufacture.

We can identify and mitigate potential issues by carefully analysing and refining designs, preventing costly re-work, and ensuring the most cost-effective manufacturing methods while adhering to customer standards and strict regulations.

Utilising the latest version of 2D AutoCAD and 3D Solidworks software, we give life to your ideas, and our expert designers can convert simple drawings into 3D designs. This advanced technology ensures accuracy, efficiency, and a seamless transition from design to production. 

Our advanced design solutions efficiently transmit data directly to the CNC Laser and Punch, streamlining the entire production process.


A dedicated design engineer manages projects from the concept to the approval stage. Utilising our state-of-the-art 2D and 3D software and our design-to-manufacture experience, we can quickly turn your idea into a realistic design – which can be visualised and collaborated through the 3D platform. Our designer always considers the most cost-effective manufacturing methods. Finally, a complete set of controlled drawings can be provided to our clients at the approval stage, followed by a quick turnaround prototype if required.

At the initial phase of the production process, we can create jigs and fixtures in-house to ensure that parts are made to a high standard.

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Our Design Process

Customer Enquiry

The design process kicks off with an initial enquiry from the customer. Depending on the part’s complexity, this could take various forms, including a physical object that needs replication, a sketch of the design, full drawing or verbal descriptions.

Planning Stage

Our skilled planners use 2D AutoCAD and 3D Solidworks software to plan the job to the customer’s precise specifications.

Customer Communication

Throughout the planning process, our planners maintain open lines of communication with the customer, allowing us to address potential issues and collaboratively develop a final drawing that aligns with the customer’s vision.

Drawing Approval

The proposed design is presented to the customer for approval. We value our customers’ input and work closely with them to ensure the design meets their expectations and requirements.

Drawing Approved

Prototype Development

Once the design is approved, a prototype or initial proof is crafted. This prototype undergoes a thorough inspection to guarantee quality and adherence to specifications.

Customer Satisfaction

The prototype is shared with the customer for their evaluation. We believe in customer satisfaction, and adjustments are made as necessary until the customer is completely happy with the final product.

Batch Production

With the customer’s approval secured, we move into full-scale production. Multiple batches of the designed part are produced, maintaining the same high standards established during the prototype phase.

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