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Our laser machines combine speed and precision to provide cutting edge fabrication products.

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A core part of the metal fabrication process involves our advanced laser-cutting machines.

We have a range of advanced CNC laser-cutting machines in our arsenal, including models from leading industry brands such as Bystronic, Trumpf, and Bison. Our latest addition is the RVD SMARTFIBRE CNC Tube Laser cutter, which provides us with increased capabilities and flexibility to cut a diverse range of tubular profiles and sections that come in various lengths, diameters, materials, and wall thicknesses.

We are dedicated to delivering cutting-edge solutions, and our commitment to continuous improvement ensures that we stay at the forefront of technology. From consultation to quality assurance, Grenville Engineering is your trusted partner for projects requiring precision, versatility, innovation, and one-stop metal fabrication.

Advantages of Sheet Metal Laser Cutting

  • The capability to handle an extensive variety of materials and cut virtually any design specification.
  • Integrated with the latest ERP technology, our system can transfer CNC data directly to the machine using flat pattern DXF drawings.
  • No tooling is required, reducing set-up time and cost.
  • Rapid lead times.
  • Highly efficient nesting capabilities, reducing wastage
  • Minimal deburring/finishing required
  • Environmental sustainability

Our highly efficient sheet metal and tube lasers combine precision, power and speed for a superior finish in various metal types, including;

Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Brass and Copper.

Our Laser Cutting Machinery

Bystronic Bysprint 3015 Fiber Laser.

Bystronic Bysprint 3015 Fiber Laser.

Bed size:
1500 x 3000

Material Thickness:
Mild Steel – Up to 25mm
Stainless Steel- Up to 25mm
Aluminium- Up to 25mm
Brass- Up to 10mm
Copper- Up to 10mm

Bison SMART FIBRE CNC Tube Laser 3kW

Bison SMART FIBRE CNC Tube Laser 3kW

Tube size:
8000mm (L) x 20-200mm (D)

Material Thickness:
Mild Steel – 22mm
Stainless Steel – 12mm
Aluminium – 10mm
Brass- 8mm
Copper – 6mm


Trumpf TruLaser Fiber 6kW

Trumpf TruLaser Fiber 6kW

Bed size:
1500 x 3000

Material Thickness:
Mild Steel – Up to 20mm
Stainless Steel – Up to 12mm
Aluminium – Up to 12mm
Brass – Up to 6mm
Copper – Up to 6mm

Trumpf TruLaser Fiber 3.2kW

Trumpf TruLaser Fiber 3.2kW

Bed size:
1500 x 3000

Material Thickness:
Mild Steel – Up to 20mm
Stainless Steel – Up to 12mm
Aluminium – Up to 8mm

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Laser Cutting FAQs

What is laser cutting?

Laser cutting is an industrial manufacturing process that allows fine and accurate cuts to be made to materials. The laser cutting machine is designed to create fine detail in numerous mediums including sheet metal, steel, stainless steel, mild steel, copper as well as aluminium and brass with Grenville’s Bystronic Fiber Laser. The CO2 beam melts materials to separate the medium into a fine, polished product. As a result, the laser can either cleanly cut a material or create engravings.

What is the laser cutting process?

Using a high output of power finely directed through a laser, laser cutting is an intricate process that delivers a high-quality edge for the material it is cutting. A CAD file is sent directly to the machine to guide it. The heat produced is directly applied to the given medium and melts the material away, leaving a clean cut to the finished product. Laser cutting is one of the most energy efficient ways of manufacturing in the UK and can easily be ordered online through local, trustworthy companies such as Grenville Engineering.

What can laser cutting be used for?

In the ever-growing field of engineering, laser cutting stands out as a widely used manufacturing process.  Laser cutting can be used for various jobs, creating instruments needed in fields such as automotive, the food industry, aerospace and electronics. Laser cutting is often used for small, elaborate detail that cannot be achieved by hand or other machinery. Small, fine cuts can be made by the laser piercing single or numerous layers in the material to create details in parts and instruments. Grenville engineering work with many high-profile companies offering laser cutting as the first step in their process with over 1000 different components including supply into Earthmoving. Grenville can cut within the area of 3m x 1.5m,and we can produce components as small as 3.5mm wide. Their high quality and reliable laser cutting produces parts for widely renowned and important sectors such as the food industry. In this field, processing machinery and equipment is in high demand; Grenville laser cutting offers a quality of service that is fast and reliable within this industry.

Who would need to use laser cutting?

Many companies and industries rely on laser cutting for business purposes. Grenville cut to specific customer requirements to ensure the initial part of any manufacturing process is right. Following different dimensions and tolerances, Grenville will produce an excellent and accurate product to your necessities. Many manufacturing companies need laser cutting for prototype models. Laser cutting is a fast and efficient way of creating small, detailed models that represent possible designs and ideas. The precise nature of laser cutting ensures a polished and accurate model of any product. Laser cutting is far more accurate and precise than plasma cutters, allowing tight tolerances and a quality finish. Plasma cutters have a small kerf compared to laser cutters; therefore, less metal is lost during profiling. Laser cutting also offer a slightly higher tolerance, preventing metal distortion and ultimately creating a better finish, imperative to any OEM or manufacturing designs. The higher tolerance also ensures thinner sheets of metal can be engraved or cut without damaging the material. As a result, Grenville’s flexible laser cutting services are perfect for any manufacturer.


What are the benefits of laser cutting?

The most immediate benefit of laser cutting is its reliability, accuracy and precision. The intensity of heat output and duration can be controlled, to create a perfect finish without impairment. It is also a non-contact process, delivering a supreme standard to products as this reduces the likelihood of damage to materials during the process and avoids material wastage. The laser cutting process is also fast and cost-efficient due to its low maintenance costs and is far safer than any other cutters due to the beam being enclosed within a light box, to avoid damage to users and products.

Why should you choose Grenville Engineering?

Grenville engineering are a well trusted and recommended company that strive to please their customers and achieve the best possible product. Grenville Engineering specialises in sheet metal fabrication, with laser cutting standing out as one of the primary services in our complete Fabrication Solution. In the heart of Stoke-on-Trent, Grenville are the UK based laser cutters that can provide you and your company with the highest quality products in manufacturing. Their welcoming and productive team offer various forms of laser cutting ranging from custom cutting, stencil cutting to engravings. Grenville Engineering is affordable, reliable and ready to help.

What types of machines are used at Grenville Engineering for Sheet Metal Laser Cutting?

Grenville Engineering operates four on-site laser-cutting machines, with the latest addition being the Bison SMART FIBRE CNC Tube Laser 3kW. This advanced machine can cut tubes up to 8000mm and handle metal thicknesses ranging from 6mm to 22mm. The trio of fibre lasers, comprised of Bystronic and Trumpf, exhibit versatility by cutting copper and brass up to 10mm, as well as providing precise and rapid cutting of Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, and Aluminium up to 25mm, with all bed sizes at 1500 x 3000mm.

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