Meet our Electrician / Health & Safety Supervisor
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March 21, 2024

Meet the Team at Grenville Engineering: Richard Mundy

Here at Grenville Engineering, we believe in the power of a skilled and dedicated team. Among our ranks, Richard Mundy is a true asset, bringing expertise as an Electrician and Health & Safety Supervisor. Let’s take a closer look at Richard’s journey and his invaluable contributions to our operations:

Electrician / Health & Safety Supervisor 

Having Richard as part of the team has been a godsend, especially when dealing with machine breakdowns. His on-site presence expedites fixing issues and getting our operations back up and running smoothly.

Brief Background: Richard has consistently demonstrated excellence and determination throughout his career. He decided to retrain as an electrician 23 years ago while working as a window fitter. His exceptional skills were recognised when he won the National Technician of the Year award at Mr. Electric. Subsequently, he ventured into entrepreneurship, forming his own electrical contracting business with a friend and achieving NICEIC-approved contractor status. After a successful 15-year run, Richard found his way to Grenville Engineering, where his expertise found a permanent home.

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Inspiration and Start in the Field: Richard pursued electrical work to secure a better future for his family. Always a handy individual interested in tinkering with electricals, he saw the opportunity to retrain as an electrician to pursue his passion and secure a stable career path.

Day-to-day Role: Richard finds fulfilment in the dynamic nature of his role at Grenville Engineering. From repairing equipment to installing and testing electrical installations, his responsibilities span a broad spectrum. Additionally, he plays a crucial role in ensuring workplace safety by developing risk assessments, safe operating procedures, and health and safety systems and policies.

Most Challenging Issue Resolved: Among Richard’s notable achievements is successfully rewiring a radio station along with a generator backup and auto changeover, all while keeping the station on air. It’s a testament to his problem-solving abilities and composure under pressure.

Favourite Tool: Despite the plethora of modern tools available, Richard’s go-to remains a simple voltage tester passed down from his late father-in-law. Its reliability and sentimental value make it an indispensable part of his toolkit.

Fun Fact About Electricity: Did you know that the term “electrocute” is a portmanteau of “electro” and “execute,” signifying death by electricity? So, if you’ve only been shocked but not killed, you haven’t technically been electrocuted!

Spare Time Pursuits: Outside of work, Richard finds joy in spending quality time with his family and beloved pets, as well as indulging in hobbies like holidaying in their touring caravan, enjoying his son’s gigs as a drummer, and cherishing moments with his daughter when she’s not on deployment.

Richard embodies the spirit of expertise, dedication, and versatility that defines Grenville Engineering’s team. We’re proud to have him on board, driving our commitment to excellence in all endeavours.

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