March Blog – Benefits of Copper

March 30, 2021

According to Copper Alliance, over 25 million tonnes of copper are produced annually.

Copper is a very versatile material, although it may not be so visible, it is hidden behind walls or inside equipment that impacts our lives.

Not only is copper versatile it has greater properties such as having the best electrical and thermal conductivity of any commonly used metal.

Copper is also known for its durability and hygienic properties, which is why it is used in a number of sectors including renewable energy supplies, energy efficiency, sustainable buildings, transport systems and healthcare.

Many sectors insist on precision and quality, in particular where hygiene is so important, which is why fiber laser cutting is the perfect application for cutting copper profiles. Where traditional CO2 laser machines were unable to cut copper due to its reflective properties, fiber laser machines can do this with ease and greater precision.

Grenville Engineering work with a range of clients supplying copper parts generally requiring laser cutting and press bending operations. The 2 fiber laser machines on site are very powerful and can cut up to 10mm thickness for Copper.

Copper can be a costly material to purchase which is getting the accuracy correct is so important to ensure minimum scrappage.

Our team have perfected their approach and understand how to optimise parts on a sheet to ensure the customer gets the best value for money.

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