Grenville’s Impressive Return to Subcon

Grenville’s Impressive Return to Subcon

Grenville Engineering returned to Subcon for the seventh consecutive year. The event served as an ideal platform for Grenville to exhibit our complete fabrication solution and highlight the latest investments in robotic welding and the upcoming commissioning of the tube laser, which is due to be up and running by September. This blog reviews our participation in Subcon, highlighting our commitment to excellence, innovation, and customer support.

Grenville once again demonstrated its prowess in providing a complete fabrication solution at Subcon. The event allowed manufacturers and subcontractors to witness the advanced technologies and capabilities of Grenville. From laser cutting technology to metal forming, welding and finishing, the company showcased our expertise in various aspects of the fabrication process, emphasising our commitment to meeting diverse customer needs.

New Investments for 2023:
One of the highlights of Grenville’s presence at Subcon was the announcement of our latest investments in robotic welding and the soon-to-be-commissioned tube laser. These investments signify our dedication to staying at the forefront of technological advancements in the industry. By integrating robotic welding, Grenville aims to enhance precision, efficiency, and productivity. The impending arrival of the tube laser further solidifies our commitment to expanding our capabilities and offering comprehensive solutions to clients.

Sales Director Stuart Rawlinson, who attended the two-day event, expressed his satisfaction with Grenville’s experience at Subcon. He described the event as an excellent platform for the company to exhibit, emphasising its value to the industry. Stuart’s positive feedback is a testament to Grenville Engineering’s success in engaging with manufacturers and subcontractors, fostering meaningful connections, and showcasing our competitive edge.

We understand that only some were able to attend the Subcon event. However, we extend our support to all potential customers who may have missed the opportunity. Don’t hesitate to contact our sales team with any questions or projects you want to discuss.

In conclusion, Grenville’s return to Subcon for the seventh year was a resounding success, underscoring our commitment to innovation, collaboration, and providing top-notch fabrication solutions. The complete fabrication solution, investments in robotic welding, and the forthcoming commissioning of the tube laser exemplify our determination to stay at the forefront of industry advancements.

As we look forward to future editions of Subcon, it continues to cement our position as a leading player in the fabrication industry.

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