Welcome Neil Naranjo to the Team

Getting to Know Neil Naranjo: A Design Engineer’s Journey

We are thrilled to introduce Neil Naranjo, our talented Design Engineer who joined the team in January. With a remarkable background spanning over two decades in design and manufacturing, Neil has worked on diverse projects, from structural steel to secondary steel and innovative product design. We took a moment to catch up and learn about Neil’s journey and experiences so far.

Brief Engineering Background
“Over 20 years in design and manufacture, showcasing expertise from structural steel to secondary steel to product design.”

What inspired you to become a CAD designer, and how did you start?
“From an early age, I enjoyed drawing and problem-solving, so it was a natural progression into a career where those passions could be used.”

Favourite Aspects of the Job at Grenville.
“I like the variety of the work along with the challenges each project (however big or small) brings, embracing problem-solving as a daily adventure.”

What would be your dream project if you could design anything without limits?
“If cost and time were not limiting factors, I’d very much like to be involved in designing and building an off-road vehicle for competition like the Baja 1000 in Mexico.”

What’s your favourite CAD software feature, and how does it make your job easier or more enjoyable?
“I can’t mention one feature, but I like SolidWorks. It’s such a vast piece of software that there seems to be no end, with many ways of tackling a project. There are so many avenues to explore and tools to use, and collaboration with colleagues always yields new surprises.”

Spare Time Activities.
Outside of work, Neil loves designing and building industrial-style furniture, desks, etc., using various metals, finishes, and glass. He also finds joy in classic car restoration.

Neil comments that he’s settling in well and enjoying working with our fantastic team on many new metal fabrication projects.

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