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We can provide pressing and rolling services, or also known as metal forming to suit your individual requirements.

Our team of expert press operators  work with both ferrous and non-ferrous metals, we pride ourselves on producing the highest quality parts to your specification.

We have four press brake machines with a recent addition of a compact Xcel 50 press brake to our plant list.

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Bystronic Xcel 50 Press Brake

Tonnage                      50 t

Bending length           1600 mm

Open height               430 mm

Standard stroke         150 mm

Max. high speed        100 mm/s

Max. working speed   10 mm/s

Bystronic Xpert 150 Press Brake

Tonnage                               100–250 t

Bending length                    2100–4100 mm

Open height                        780/915 mm

Standard stroke                  265/400 mm

Max. high speed                 200 mm/s

Max. working speed           10 mm/s

SBR 1550/110 Powered Bending Rolls

Bending Length                   1550 mm

Pre Bending                         3.0 mm

Max Thickness                     3.5 mm



  • Complex bending capabilities
  • Delivers the highest repetition accuracy and precision on the market

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What is Metal Forming?

Metal forming is the manufacturing process in which a sheet of metal is shaped into a specific, different model or body. The most common type of forming is plastic deformation which applies a specific amount of stress beyond its yield onto the desired medium in order to adjust the material, allowing it to conform a new geometric shape.

What is the Process of Metal Forming?

The process of metal forming involves the manufacturing of smaller raw materials in order to complete a manufacturing component. As a result, the accuracy of the process is important, and begins with a highly skilled and dedicated team such as Grenville Engineering that can create a smooth and reliable process to perfect your specifications. The actual process is classified into various sectors including joining, shaping, coating, and forming along with the modification to specific designs. Grenville engineering offers sheet metal forming. Sheet metal has a high surface area to volume ratio and usually involves the process of rolling the metal to create designs needed. Grenville also offers services for ferrous and non-ferrous metals, carefully taking original designs from CAD files and creating perfected finished products through various types of forming:
– Sheet metal forming which includes drawing up given designs, punching, bending and piercing using die and punch tools with the application of shear or tensile forces in presses.

Who needs a metal forming service and why?

Grenville Engineering is a respected and dedicated company that prides themselves on aiding manufacturing processes with metal forming and shaping. Metal forming is used in daily life from automotive, plumbing, electrics to machinery, providing imperative components to numerous manufacturing processes and teams. Grenville works with local and UK based companies to provide a fast and precise service that produces the finest and most accurate metal forming and shaping products. Manufacturing businesses need metal forming and shaping to accurately design engineering parts that cannot be achieved by hand, resulting in a high quality finish.

Benefits of Metal Forming:

Metal forming is beneficial for creating specific and accurate designs for engineering processes that are guaranteed to be finished to a high quality. Grenville Engineering uses fast and reliable machinery to bring to life customer requests. Metal forming is a cost-efficient process for manufacturers who need numerous parts. It involves many processes including bending, rolling and shaping and as a result is an efficient way of manufacturing objects. Metal forming involves various types of processes such as cold working to hot working, making the process versatile and useable in different needs and situations. Grenville Engineering adapts to customer specifics and always aims to provide a highly accurate service.

What is Pressing in Relation to Metal Forming?

Pressing involves using press brakes to create laser cut items made to unique customer specification. The press brakes use a V-shaped die and punch to bend the medium into its desired format. Press brakes are used to form long and thin sheets of metal, usually using an 85 degree angled die to bend the metal to 90 degrees. There is a specific, controlled amount of pressure applied to the metal in order to adjust the severity of the bend. A back gauge is often used to position the depth of the bend in the medium – helping create a highly accurate and reliable product.

What is a Pressing Service?

Grenville Engineering’s pressing service provides accurate results made specifically to customer requests. With a dedicated team, Grenville’s pressing service can create various components from electronics to automotive.

What is Rolling in Relation to Metal Forming?

Rolling is the process of creating raw metal forms such as sheets, coils and strips. Roll forming includes continuous bending of a strip of metal in order to create a desired shape for the metal. Most commonly, rolling creates coiled steel. The metal passes through numerous sets of rolls until the desired design is complete. This process is ideal for manufacturing parts in large quantities.

What is a Rolling Service?

Grenville’s rolling service provides the benefits of complex bending and rolling capabilities with their high quality machinery; rolling numerous manufacturing components to your desire.

What is Metal Shaping in Relation to Metal Forming?

Metal shaping is the process where a die press is used to supply weight to a piece of metal in order to shape it. Casts and molds are often used alongside heat and pressure to produce a specific shape needed in a manufacturing process. Grenville Engineering supplies four press brake machines and a compact Xcel 50 press brake to accurately shape, fold and bend sheet metal.

What Machines Do Grenville Engineering Offer?

Grenville Engineering offers three types of machines for metal forming:
Bystronic Xcel 50 Press Brake
Bystronic Xpert 150 Press Brake
SBR 1550/110 Powered Bending Rolls

Why Use Grenville Engineering?

Grenville Engineering is a recommended UK based company that strives to achieve the best quality results in metal forming. Grenville’s hard-working team work together to form and shape reliable parts needed in the manufacturing process. With low costs, fast results and an accurate product, Grenville will work to your designs to create the perfect product.

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