Grinding & Finishing

Grinding and finishing services to a superior quality finish.

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Grinding & Finishing

All components are subjected to a rigorous deburring, grinding and dressing procedure to ensure the highest quality surface finish.

We offer metal finishing services working to customer specification from shot blasting, painting, powder coating to galvanising.

Burrs can be minimized or prevented by considering materials, function, shape, and processing in the design and manufacturing engineering phases of product development.

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Deburring is, to put it simply, a finishing method used in industrial settings and manufacturing environments.

Deburring is important for quality, aesthetics, functionality, and the smooth operation of working parts.

Powder Coating

We can provide powder coating facilities through a range of approved suppliers delivering the highest quality finish.

Our skilled team can work with your requirements using a variety of RAL and BS colour ranges.


In addition to general fabrication we offer a galvanising service to improve the quality and robustness of your product.

We carefully select premium suppliers to galvanise parts to a high standard including BS EN ISO 1461



  • Components are produced to a high standard ensuring they are functional for your requirements
  • Wide variety of finishing capabilities to your specification
  • Ready to fit capability, providing an efficient alternative to your production process


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