We can combine assembly services to your requirements, enhancing your production process.

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Working closely with our customers, we assemble complex parts to assist in streamlining production processes.

When required, we can design assembly lines,  minimising costs and providing the best customer value.

Our skilled work force ensure that attention to detail is paramount, working with strict tolerances and material compliance.

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Bespoke tooling

We can provide bespoke tooling to compliment the assembly production process.

Skilled engineers

Our engineers have a variety of specialist industry expertise who can create the most cost effective and efficient assembly lines for your requested project.

Dedicated assembly lines

Customers can benefit from shorter production lead times supplemented by assembly processes dedicated to individual needs for complex projects.



  • Cost effective
  • Time saving – helping you to focus on other projects
  • Utilise our in house expertise
  • Streamlined assembly lines

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