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Latest Case Study - Heavy Duty Weighing Trolley

Grenville-Engineering has extensive design, fabrication and assembly expertise.

Grenville can provide a complete fabrication solution showcasing this in our recent project to produce heavy-duty weighing trollies.

If you have a job similar or want to find out more about our services or what we can do for you, call us today on 01782 577 929 or email us at sales@grenville-engineering.co.uk


The Brief

Our long-standing partner approached the Grenville team with a new concept for a heavy-duty weighing trolley for the retail warehousing sector.

The new design included weighing scales with digital readout and a power supply within the trolley.

Our Approach

Working closely with the customer, our in-house design team took the initial concept to manufacture via 3D CAD software. We produced a prototype, and once signed off, the bespoke trollies were manufactured, showcasing Grenville’s complete fabrication services, including;

  • laser cutting
  • bending
  • rolling
  • welding
  • de-burring
  • powder coating
  • assembly

Inspections were carried out at each manufacturing process, ensuring the assembled project conformed to the specifications detailed within the drawings.

The Outcome

Our in-house vehicles delivered the project on time over two scheduled deliveries.


Here’s what our customer had to say;

“Grenville Engineering are a key supplier for our fabrication needs, continuously setting a high standard of customer service, quality and delivery performance. We have been impressed by the level of commitment and flexibility given to ensure projects are delivered on time to specification. Our strong partnership continues to grow, a testament to the performance of the company.”


Bespoke Roof Ventilation Case Study

The team at Grenville Engineering were approached by a an established player in the Fire Safety and Ventilation market to manufacture bespoke Roof Ventilations for a project in Kingston Upon Thames.

A design to manufacture these ventilations systems was an important part of the process due to the specific requirements detailed by the client.

Our in house design engineering department collaborated with the client to ensure the vents would be manufactured in line with their brief and to strict timescales.


The Brief

What was the product you required manufacturing?

15no Bespoke roof vent covers which needed designing by your team from my ideas


What were the challenges?

Logistics could have been challenging including the time frame and deliveries to West London however it all ran very smooth and is a real credit to your team. Also there were no sizing or quantity hiccups from any parties which is remarkable really with all those fixings and components.

Our Approach

Why choose Grenville Engineering?


The company was recommended to me a few years ago by a failing small engineering business in Congleton called Nortek, it wad Eddy who worked on the shop floor who recommended Grenville to us. Grenville have never let me down since and the likes or Stuart and Garry seem to go that extra mile in helping us no matter how small the order is. It is very refreshing to know that we have this backing and assistance on hand.


How did Grenville Engineering solve the problem and how did they perform?

100% above and beyond as not really any problems are created only solutions are created it seems which again helps in a fast moving world.

The Outcome

Experience with Grenville:

 “I feel our Company  fell on their feet when Grenville Engineering was introduced to them. I personally enjoy dealing with Stuart and the team as everything seems to be made effortless almost like a silver service right down to having items dropped off at our office to Stuart himself attending meetings to discuss ideas at the drop of a hat.

From bottom to top we feel Grenville really offer a top draw service with costs and lead times explained simply and cost effective solutions offered as and when required. I am so glad we can offer work to a local company local to Congleton as this also pleases me no end.” 

Buyer, Leading company in Fire Safety and Ventilation Systems


Grenville’s window to success

Grenville Engineering is a leading sheet metal fabrication company who has always taken pride in its long standing relationships.

One such successful partnership is with a prestigious company in the Housing industry. Since the inception of the collaboration with the customer in 2000; Grenville has produced a number of bespoke fabrications of windows made in mild steel, aluminium and stainless steel in addition to their standard ranges.


The Brief

Grenville was approached by a leading steel window manufacturer to fabricate 48 trapezoidal roof windows for a major restoration project of a Grade II listed Roundhouse in the East Midlands.

A major challenge to overcome was that each individual roof window was required to be customised with a variations in dimensions and angles, to allow each roof window to perfectly fit around the hip of the circular roof.

The project was also to be completed within a very strict time frame.

Our Approach

As the preferred provider, Grenville had the expertise and capability to complete a complex project of this nature. A project team was assigned from the planning department through to shop floor to ensure full focus was given. A dedicated Planning Engineer worked in conjunction with the client’s Design Team to ensure each unique roof window was manufactured to specification via 3D CAD software.

Once the 3D design was signed off, the bespoke roof window was manufactured using a combination of fabrication services. The stainless steel material was cut using a Trumphf laser then pressed by a Bystronic press brake, welded and assembled as per the specification. The progress of the project was easily traceable through the advanced ERP system. Inspections were carried out at each manufacturing process to ensure that the end product was exactly as per the client’s requirements and in compliance with their 10 year guarantee.

The Outcome

The bespoke project was a resounding success with both the client and their end customer being delighted with the standard of work and prompt delivery. In addition it strengthened the relationship and cemented Grenville’s status as the client’s preferred provider for all bespoke projects.

Our long standing relationship with Grenville Engineering, based on their ability to handle a technically complex project brief to a consistent quality standard, provided us with the reassurance that they could support us on this prestigious project.

All phased deliveries met the required deadlines, maintaining a continuous supply over the contract period in line with our client’s desire to complete each stage to their project schedules.”

Commercial Director


Dust Filtration Case Study

Grenville’s diverse range of customers include companies within the dust filtration industry.

Grenville has maintained excellent delivery performances and production quality standards with a leading company within the dust filtration sector spanning over 10 years.

As a preferred supplier, Grenville is contracted to produce bespoke parts in relation to the customer’s requirements.

If you have a job similar or want to find out more about our services or what we can do for you, call us today on 01782 577 929 or email us at sales@grenville-engineering.co.uk


The Brief

The client approached Grenville to manufacture a bespoke bag filter for a high profile customer within the plastics industry.

The  unit specified by the client  was a multi-compartment dust collector, located externally to the main production facility.

The client provided a drawing with 35 components working to strict tolerances and sizing specifications. Adhering to the exact requirements was critically important as  the filter unit was designed in a modular format from individual panel sections and was assembled on site thereby requiring an extremely high degree of accuracy.

Grenville were provided with a 2 week lead time, dictated by the end customer. This was a challenge due to the level of complexity and assembly work involved.

Our Approach

Grenville’s planning department were provided a PDF drawing of the complete project and a dedicated planner was assigned to lead the project so that components could be produced through our state of the art laser machines and press brakes.

Due to the complexity and size of the project a number of engineers were allocated utilising their industry knowledge and capabilities to ensure the complete job was manufactured to the exact requirements of the client. The nature of the work involved highlighted Grenville’s capabilities as a complete fabrication provider including laser cutting, bending, rolling, welding and assembly. An assembly line was created with a dedicated workspace to ensure the smooth transition of each part during the fabrication process.

Rigorous inspections were carried out during each fabrication process ensuring the assembled project conformed to the specifications detailed within the drawings.  Maintaining the integrity of the drawing was vital to comply with the technical functionality of the filtration system.

The size of the overall project was a key factor to consider for the despatch department, each component carefully packaged in sections to assist the client in final assembly on site.

The Outcome

The dedication and effort showcased by Grenville Engineering was commended by the client. In addition to completing the project within the 2 week lead time, the quality of each component was exemplary, pivotal to the successful performance of the dust filtration system.


Grenville Engineering continue to strengthen their relationship and provide the best fabrication solutions for their clients bespoke projects.