Benefits of a value added manufacturing service

What are the benefits of a value added manufacturing service?

In basic principle terms the definition of “value-added” describes the delivery of an enhanced product or service a company provides before offering to its customers.

Value Added manufacturing has always been central to the customer’s requirements and how the manufactured product or service can solve a problem.

In the manufacturing world of fabrication services there are many companies offering standalone services such as laser cutting and metal forming which can benefit select industries. However the real value add is having a complete offering which encompasses not only capabilities but intangible benefits such as specific skills in welding, accreditations to back up processes with ISO9001:2015 as standard, history of a company and the sectors it operates in, good levels of customer service and delivery performance.

Adding value to a customer’s supply chain requirements is a defining factor to maintain healthy long standing relationships.

What do customers look for when selecting a supplier other than cost saving benefits?

  • Single source contact – Having a single point of contact i.e. Account Manager can help to speed decision making and reassurance that the manufacturing problem will be dealt with.
  • Trust – Customers trust in transparency and getting the best out of the customer/supplier relationship
  • Specialised skills/capabilities – Dealing with a fabrication company that has relevant skills in manufacturing your product i.e. Stainless steel dedicated facility, CE marking accreditation, traceability
  • Collaboration – Bespoke projects require a partnership approach from both the customer and supplier as this often involves in depth conversations and drawing iterations to maximise on the product quality/performance.
  • Technical Expertise – In house technical expertise that can adapt and improve design for cost saving and manufacturing efficiencies.


At Grenville Engineering, customer centric fabrication solutions are at the heart of what we do. We collaborate with our customers ensuring that we produce the most cost effective solution without compromising on quality. We have a combined experience of over 100 years within the industry, which is invaluable for our customers, supporting them in the best solution for the design to manufacture process. Our partnership approach towards our customer relationships has been our differentiator and strengthened our long term relationships.

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